Enterprise Copilot

AI Apex establishes an Enterprise Copilot within your organization. This state-of-the-art and real-time AI partner learns skills unique to your organization and through a gradual process it can shadow employees, support employees, and perform skills autonomously. The Enterprise Copilot is built on cutting-edge AI technology and is continually updated to harness the rapid advancements in AI tech.

Key features of the Enterprise Copilot:

  • Build specific use cases that are most meaningful to your organization
  • Direct integration with your systems and workflows
  • Actionable insights at the executive and employee level

Capabilities of Enterprise Copilot


As an individual performs a task, Enterprise Copilot makes recommendations that allows the individual to optimize the business outcome of that task.

Example - Select the optimal team members that work best together on a particular task or engagement based on deep learning of prior history.

Decision Support

Enterprise Copilot predicts and provides actionable guidance to increase the confidence of a business outcome.

Example - Win more business opportunities by making the best decisions based on in-depth knowledge of previous outcomes

Intelligence Insight

Enterprise Copilot monitors and analyzes your communication channels and provides an in-depth of understanding of the health of communication and strength of relationships within your organization and outside of your organization with customers and partners.

Example - Manage prospect relationships more effectively by an understanding of the positives, negatives, and gaps in the communication.

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